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krakow undeground museum
Witalij B Posted on 1:29 pm

Museums in Krakow

Did you know that Krakow has a lot of museums? Each of them is different and unique. Everyone will find something for themselves depending on their interests. One of them is located underground! In this article, you will find some suggestions for museums worth visiting. However, it will only be a substitute for what you can see in this city.

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  1. Oskar Schindler’s Factory „Enamel”
  2. MOCAK
  3. Rynek Underground Museum
  4. National Museum
  5. Polish Aviation Museum
  6. Wawel Castle

Oskar Schindler's Factory "Enamel"

Most people know his character from the popular movie „Schindler’s List”. His factory was located in Kraków, and thanks to his activities there, he employed hundreds of Jews, which allowed him to save them from certain death.
oscar schindler factory

Currently, there is a museum in the building where the plant was located. The main topic of the exhibitions is the city of Krakow and its inhabitants before and during the Second World War. Of course, we will also learn a lot about Schindler himself. The museum can be visited individually or under the supervision of a professional guide in various languages. It is a very popular place, so it’s better to book your tickets in advance, for example via the Internet. The building of the former factory is divided into two parts: in the first, there is the already mentioned Oskar Schindler’s Factory museum, in the second, s the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.

MOCAK – Museum of contemporary art

The museum was opened on May 19, 2011. We can admire the art of the last two decades in the context of the post-war avant-garde. All projects will be implemented by the Museum with a diverse audience in mind.

mocak art museum

The resulting publications provide information on the genesis and meaning of the works and events presented. MOCAK enables viewers to actively meet both contemporary art and its creators, collectors, commentators and people responsible for its documentation or exhibition. The Mocak Museum is located next to the  Schindler’s Factory Museum.

Rynek Underground Museum

The location of this museum may surprise tourists. It is located exactly below the main market square !. There is both a permanent and temporary exhibition in the Underground. The permanent exhibition is entitled: „Traces of the European identity of Krakow”. It is a multimedia show – a journey back in time where you can feel the atmosphere of the medieval market square.

krakow undeground museum
photo: Jakub Ociepa

During the tour, tourists are accompanied by the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the market square or burning buildings. Numerous modern multimedia techniques were used to create the atmosphere in the museum as it was in Krakow seven hundred years ago. The museum also has a steam screen and several dozen displays and projectors. The underground exhibition presents, among other things, the medieval history of Krakow.

National Museum

The National Museum in Krakow was established in 1879. It has a rich collection of works of Polish, European and non-European art. This makes them one of the most important and interesting collections not only in Poland, but also in the world. At the beginning of the museum’s operation , the city of Krakow donated two rooms on the first floor of the Cloth Hall on the Main Square, which were then renovated into exhibition halls. Initially,  the Museum Collection consisted of a dozen or so paintings, which was constantly expanded with numerous bequests, donations and gifts, and it developed rapidly.

national museum
photo: Bartosz Cygan

 There are three galleries on three floors of the Main Building of the National Museum located at 3 Maja Street. Ground floor – „Arms and Colors in Poland”. First floor – Artistic Craft Gallery. Second floor – Gallery of 20th Century Polish Art.

Polish Aviation Museum

Aviation museum in Krakow located on the premises of the former Rakowice-Czyżyny airport. One of the oldest military airports in the world, collecting exhibits related to the history of aviation development. The number of aircraft exhibited currently  exceeds 200.

aviation museum krakow

The museum publishes its own publications and organizes educational events. It is also a participant and organizer of conferences devoted to the history of aviation and museology. There is also a library with over 30,000 items. It was ranked eighth on CNN’s list of the best aviation museums in the world. Most of the exhibits are copies that have been withdrawn from use by the military or state authorities and given to the museum. Some of the exhibits found their way to the museum thanks to the exchange with other museums in the world.

Wawel Castle

The Royal Wawel Castle is a unique place that you must visit in Krakow. A beautiful, magnificent building is located literally several minutes from the Main Square. This castle was the seat of the kings of Poland and their final resting place. Of course, you can count on a group of professional guides.
wawel castle

The price for visiting depends on what you want to see. The following are open to visitors: the Crown Treasury and the armory, the Royal Gardens and Chambers, the Dragon’s Den, and the Sandomierz Gate. After visiting the castle, you can go for a walk along the Vistula River.

As you can see, these are just a few suggestions for places worth paying attention to. Krakow is a very old city with a great history. As a result, it created a lot of museums that are worth a visit.