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Christmas Market in Krakow

Around Christmas, Christmas markets are organized in many cities. Also in Krakow. Every year, on the 13th-century main square, there […]

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Witalij B Posted on 2:30 pm

Christmas Market in Krakow

Around Christmas, Christmas markets are organized in many cities. Also in Krakow. Every year, on the 13th-century main square, there is a beautiful Christmas tree, and a Christmas market in Krakow near the cloth hall. What can we find there?

Lest’s go!

What is the Christmas market in Krakow?

The Christmas Market is undoubtedly one of the most popular events in Krakow. Many people from all over the world come just to participate in this event and  to spend December in Krakow. The residents are also eagerly awaiting the day when a beautiful Christmas tree will appear on the market. People are putting up stalls where you can buy many beautiful, hand-made dishes and Christmas decorations. You can also taste local food related to Poland and Krakow. 

jarmark w krakowie
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In addition, beautiful surroundings – the historic St. Mary’s Church, cloth halls and beautifully decorated restaurants, shops and streets leading from the market square.

What can we find at the Christmas market in Krakow?

Let’s take a closer look at what we can eat and drink while at the Main Market Square during the Christmas markets:


1.Chleb ze smalcem

Smalec is a traditional Polish spread made of lard and spices. At one of the stalls in the market they sell this on top of hot slices of fresh bread and can be with bacon, sausage, fried onions, and/or ogórki kiszone (Polish-style pickles). Very Polish and of course, very delicious.

oscypek poland
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2. Oscypek

Oscypek is a typical dish from the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane. Cheese is made in a place called Bacówka, usually from sheep’s or cow’s milk. Usually it is smoked cheese. You can eat it raw or fried on a grill with cranberries. There are many types of oscypek, which you can also try. Everyone will find something for themselves!

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3. Hot wine and hot beer.

Hot wine is an ideal drink for winter evenings. The wine smells beautifully with spices and oranges. You just have to stop by the barrel stall. Additionally, you can often get mulled beer, which is also served with various toppings. Mulled wine can also be purchased at your local liquor store.

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4. Hot grilled meet

Before you even see a grilled meat stand, in addition to the scent of mulled wine, you will smell the scent of fried meat. There you can try Polish sausage, pork knuckle and various other delicacies.

photo by: Canva

5. Candies, Cookies, and Chocolate Wrenches

These stalls are not only for children! Every adult will be happy to stop at a place full of sweets. You can buy home-made Polish cookies in various packages there – it’s a perfect gift idea! In addition, there are also sweets that look like all kinds of tools.


These are just a few suggestions of food that we can try while at the Christmas Market. Now let’s move on to the beautiful things that we can also buy and that will be perfect for a gift or home decoration.

Bolesławiec Pottery

Even if you don’t know much about Poland you have probably heard of the beautiful and famous Bolesławiec Pottery. It is decorated in traditional Polish designs and usually blue and white, although the designs have gained color over the years.

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You can grab some tiny ceramic Christmas trees or ornaments to bring home to the family for Christmas or just to add to your collection. You can also meet the Bolesławiec Pottery by strolling the streets around the Main Square.

Handmade decorations!

Beautifully made decorations can also be a Christmas gift. Wonderful magnets or decorations with illustrations of Krakow or those related to Christmas will fit perfectly into any home!


Szopki and other Nativity Scenes

Szopka Krakowska is perhaps the most connected thing with Kraków. These are richly decorated, multi-tower scenes with architecture reminiscent of the monuments of Krakow, depicting the mystery of Christmas.


This is just a short summary of what we can see and buy at the Christmas Market in Krakow. In addition, there are plenty of attractions in this city that are worth visiting. The whole stay in Krakow will be accompanied by the wonderful atmosphere of the Holy Days with beautiful decorations.