Christmas in Poland

All over Poland, Christmas celebrations look similar. It comes from the old traditions of our ancestors, which still apply more […]

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Auschwitz Covid update 2022

The prevailing pandemic has made traveling significantly more difficult. New visiting restrictions have appeared in many places. Are you wondering […]

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Tourist attractions in Krakow

Krakow, first of all , is one of the most popular cities in Poland, the city that doesn’t sleep. But […]

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Christmas Market in Krakow

Around Christmas, Christmas markets are organized in many cities. Also in Krakow. Every year, on the 13th-century main square, there […]

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rynek zima w krakowie
Witalij B Posted on 3:45 pm

5 most popular places near Krakow

Krakow is certainly one of the most popular cities among tourists. However, not far from this beautiful city, there are plenty of attractions that will fill your time and make your vacation unforgettable. In this article, you will find 5 must-see places near  Krakow. Lets go!

Auschwitz Birkenau, place everyone should visit

The first Auschwitz I camp was established by Germans in the small town of Oświęcim in 1940. There were already twenty buildings left after the abandoned Austrian and then Polish army barracks. These buildings were adapted and a camp was set up there. Not far, because only 3 km from Oświęcim, in the village Brzezinka, the second camp of Auschwitz II – Birkenau was built, in a very short time. Birkenau became the largest nazisextermination camp. There’re important rules which must be followed: the luggage maximum size is 10x20x30 cm, it is forbidden to eat on the premises of the museum, every tourist must pass a security check.
auschwitz arbeit macht frei
photo: Jean Carlo Emer

 Obviously, it is important to remember to keep respect for this place. Professional guides show you around the site of the former camp, telling the history of this place. Of course, museum can be visited in different languages. From Auschwitz I to Auschwitz II Birkenau, there are specially prepared bus free of charge. The basic tour usually takes about 3.5 hours. Visiting the first part, mostly inside the buildings. The second part is different from the previous one. It will be over an hour outside all the time. It is important to dress appropriately for the weather.

Energylandia - the largest amusement park in Poland

The largest amusement park in Poland is located in Zator near Kraków. The park is divided into several parts. In total, there are around 80 attractions for all age groups. First of all, this place is perfect for families, everyone can find something for themselves. There are roller coasters and all kinds of carousels.
enegyladnia tours

The entire complex includes the Energylandia Water Park. There are also restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and stages where various types of shows are presented. Energylandia theme park is the perfect place to organize a birthday for a child because on this occasion a birthday person can spend the whole day for only PLN 1.

Rafting on the Dunajec River

Time to go to the Pieniny Mountains. Something for those who want to feel the adrenaline rush and for those who want to enjoy the beautiful view of nature and mountains in peace, while listening to the raftsman’s stories. The first option is kayaking. You can do it yourself or under the watchful eye of kayaking instructors, Polish Champions. The route obviously depends on where we spend our time. It can be, for example : Sromowce Niżne – Szczawnica, Niedzica – Szczawnica, Sromowce Niżne – Krościenko.
splyw dunajcem

The second option is a boat trip. One can accommodate up to eleven people. Of course, if we travel for two, if we want, we rent it only for ourselves, for an appropriate additional fee. For those who want to have a souvenir from the rafting trip, it is possible to order a special photo from Rafter. If someone is afraid of water or does not feel safe, they can ask to borrow a life jacket.

Thermal Baths

Thermal baths are the best places to relax and admire the beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains.  Great for everyone: solo travelers, families, and couples.  It is very easy to find Polish spa resorts that are world-class but still cheap compared to Western European prices. Even if it’s cold outside, it’s not a problem because there are hot pools that will allow you to fully relax with the possibility of watching a beautiful view of the mountains

thermal baths
The most popular are: Chochołowskie Termy Baths – the newest and the biggest thermal spa Zakopane (Winter capital of Poland). Szaflary Thermal Pool Complex or Bukovina Thermal Baths. Every complex includes pools (outdoor and indoor). In addition, there are numerous attractions, such as Spa services or special attractions for children. After relaxing you can go to the Tatra Mountains, go skiing or just visit Zakopane.

Wadowice - city of John Paul II

Wadowice, the place where Karol Wojtyła was born. In the city center on the market square, there is a museum – the family home of John Paul II. This is the place where Karol, called Lolek, when he was a young boy lived eighteen years. In the tenement house when the family lived there, the building looked a bit different. At that time, there was, among others, Chiel Bałamuth’s shop, as well as other shops and craft workshops. It was a kind of department store.
wadowice city
photo: Magda i Mirek Osip-Pokrywka
The apartment consisted of three rooms: a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. It was decorated in a bourgeois way – now it is recreated thanks to the memories of neighbors and friends. In addition to the multimedia exhibition on the history of one of the most influential men in the world, we will find there a lot of information about the recent history of Poland. The building measures approximately 1,200 m2 and is divided into 16 zones. Each zone – different period of his life. In addition to information about the life of the family, we can find many souvenirs, for example photographs, a school-leaving examination certificate or a hand-written CV. The next zones of the exhibition concern the later stages of life, including the stay in Krakow, work in the quarries in Zakrzówek, the episode with the theater and finally the priesthood. Of course, the museum offers the services of qualified guides. You can buy tickets on site. 

These are just a few must-visit places. there are much more attractions for children and adults in this region. Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves. There are attractions that are only entertainment, but there are also places that can teach you a lot