Christmas in Poland

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Auschwitz Covid update 2022

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Tourist attractions in Krakow

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Christmas Market in Krakow

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Witalij B Posted on 1:35 pm

Morskie Oko Zakopane – Sea Eye

Do you love the mountains but don’t like climbing? Morskie Oko is one of the most popular and beautiful places in the Tatra National Park. In addition, the road leads there mostly on asphalt, so it is a perfect place for a walk with the whole family. A trip to the mountains does not always have to be associated with climbing. Remember that there are valleys, caves or just lakes – lots of tourist attractions. Follow me, if you want to know more!

What is the Sea Eye? (Morskie Oko)

Morskie Oko is the largest and most famous lake in the Tatras, it covers about 35 ha. It is also called the Fish Lake or Fish Pond because it is one of the few naturally stocked lakes in the Tatra Mountains. It is situated in the upper parts of the Rybiego Potok Valley.

Morskie oko Zakopane

How to get there?

The expedition begins in Palenica Białczańska. The good news for those who spend the night in Zakopane is that there are buses from the city that will easily take you to the starting point of your trip and also take you back. There is also a car park where you can leave your car easily. However, remember that the trip to Morskie Oko will take a long time.
walk to the morskie oko

You have to cover more than 7 km one way, you also have to take into account a short rest in the shelter and the way back. As already mentioned, this is a very popular place, so you can meet a huge number of tourists there. It’s best to start hiking early in the morning, bearing in mind that the weather changes very quickly in the mountains, so you need to take appropriate clothing and footwear.

Tatra National Park - what will you see on the way to Morskie Oko?

The Tatra National Park, where Morskie Oko and Palenica Białczańska are located, obliges us to purchase a ticket before starting the trip towards the lake. Immediately after entering one of the routes, you pass the first TPN information board, and after which you can see a stop for horse-drawn vehicles that can take you to your destination. But this is not a mountain expedition that cannot be overcome by yourself. We pass the bridge over Waksmundzki Potok, two bends and reach the area of ​​the second educational board of the TPN.
mountain, landscape
If the weather is favorable, from this place we will be able to see one of the most beautiful regions of the Tatra Mountains – the White Water Valley. When it comes to the visible mountain peaks, we can see Gerlach situated on the Slovak side – the highest peak not only of the Tatra Mountains, but also of the Carpathians. Going further to the right, we pass a wooden building with an exhibition devoted to the history of the famous dispute over Morskie Oko. It was a territorial dispute between Hungary and Galicia over the area around Morskie Oko and the Rybi Potok Valley. The conflict was finally settled in favor of Galicia in 1902. Another very popular place among tourists that we reach is Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza. Undeniably worthy of our attention.
tatra park, nature

Finally, we will find ourselves in a clearing with wooden benches and toilets. So it is the perfect place to rest before continuing the journey. The asphalt road will still lead us to our destination, but from now on, if someone wants, they can use the forest shortcuts. Once we get there, we will see a beautiful lake filled with a rock bowl carved by glaciers. The water has a shade of green, and at its deepest point it is about 50 m deep. There are beautiful alpine views spread from the northern shore of the lake. here is a shelter near the lake, which was built in 1908. You can eat, drink and rest there before going back. Previously, there was a shelter in the form of a small wooden building, but unfortunately it burned down in 1898. Currently, the building consists of two parts – the old and the new. In the first one, called „Wozownia” (Coach House), there are a dozen or so beds on bunks and bunk beds in multi-person rooms. It is the oldest building that serves as a hostel in the Tatra Mountains. In the new building, however, there are higher standard rooms for several people with access to the bathroom in the corridor. Of course, if you are planning a trip larger than just to Morskie Oko, remember that in order to get accommodation, you need to book it in advance. At certain times, a buffet is at our disposal. However, in the basement there is a gastronomic bar.

river, mountain, tour

It is certainly a region that inspires literally every season of the year. Morskie Oko and its charm inspired the work of many polish artists, including the painter Leon Wyczółkowski, poets Jan Kasprowicz and Adam Asnyk. Despite the fact that we have to devote a whole day to the trip to the lake, when we get there we will understand that the whole trip was worth it.