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Christmas Market in Krakow

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Witalij B Posted on 1:26 pm

Schindler’s factory in Kraków – What you need to know?

Krakow is not only a place with lots of clubs and old monuments. Krakow is also a city that witnessed the activities of World War II. Have you ever heard of Oskar Schindler? You’ve probably seen the movie „Schindler’s List”. He saved many people, and his factory, thanks to which it happened, is located in Krakow. Table of contents:
  1. Who was Oskar Schindler?
  2. What was the Schindler’s Factory?
  3. The movie – “Schindler’s list”
  4. Schindler’s Factory today. 

Who was Oskar Schindler?

There is no doubt that the figure of Oskar Schindler (1908 – 1979) is quite controversial. He was a German businessman. In 1936, he worked for the Abwehr of the Nazi intelligence and a few years later he became a member of the Nazi Party – thanks to this, he had direct contact with the leaders of the movement. Schindler took over the polish factory for a small amount, which he renamed Deutsche Emaillewarenfabrik.
oscar schindler
It turned out that the maintenance of the German workers was expensive, so he decided to employ Jews who were in the German Nazi labour camp in Plaszow. He is credited with saving approximately 1200 Jews by employing them in his factories. After his death, as he wanted, he was buried in the Catholic cemetery on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. For many years his grave has been a place of pilgrimage for the Jews he saved and their families. 1993 The Yad Vashem Institute honored him with the title of „Righteous Among the Nations.

What was The Schindler’s Factory?

A factory as a place for the production of enamel and tin products. Later, Schindler also decided to produce mess kits and ammunition shells for the Germans. He wanted to make sure that the factory would be recognized as an essential part of the war effort. The factory was run by Schindler until 1945. Schindler employed Jews who were threatened with extermination, and then entered them on the so-called Schindler’s list and those saved from extermination.

The movie – “Schindler’s list”

Schindler’s story and what he did is known mainly thanks to Steven Spilberg and his film. The movie was shot, among others, in Kraków and Oświęcim (Oświęcim is the city where the former German concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau is located)
schindler list

However, did you know that it was based on a novel? The title of the book is „Schindler’s Ark”. Of course, the movie does not reflect 100% of everything that happened. However, thanks to this movie, you can learn the story of a man who contributed to saving many lives.

Schindler’s Factory today

The building in which the factory was located still exists today. It is currently divided into two parts. The first is MOCAK – a museum of contemporary art, and the second is the  Schindler’s Factory Museum. Currently, in the Schindler’s Factory, you can see the permanent exhibition „Krakow under Nazi occupation 1939-1945”. The exhibition is devoted to the city’s past from1939 to its „liberation” from the German occupation and the introduction of Soviet communist domination.

oscar schindler factory

This place is very popular. Certainly it is good to book your tickets in advance. Schindler’s Factory Museum can be visited in several languages.

As you can see, Krakow is a city where we can relax and have fun. It is also a city that can teach us many things related to our history.