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polish zloty, currency poland
Witalij B Posted on 1:13 pm

Currency of Poland

Are you planning a visit to Krakow, but you have no idea which currency you can use? There is nothing to be afraid of, people from all over the world visit this city. In this article you will find information and tips about the currency in Poland and how to deal with it. Take a look.
currency of poland, polish
photo: Piotr Cichosz

Currency in Poland – what do you need to know

It may come as a surprise that despite the fact that Poland’s membership in the European Union since 2004, it still has its own currency. This is because the euro is not good for the economy so far. There will come a point in the future when Poland introduce the euro as its currency. The Polish currency is „zloty”. The main question, however, is what does  the Polish currency “zloty” look like compared to the euro, GBP or USD?  For Example, exchange rate in Poland: 
  • 1 Euro ~ 4,5 zł
  • 1 GBP ~ 5,1 zł
  • 1 USD ~ 3,7 zł
Of course, exchange rates do change, but you can expect rather small changes. 

Can I pay with my own currency in Krakow?

Of course, you will find places where you can pay with your currency. However, when planning a longer stay in Poland, it is better to exchange money for Polish „zlotys”.

photo: Piotr Cichosz

There are many places where you can safely exchange your money. If you don’t have time to exchange your money, you can always pay by card. Additionally  there are plenty of ATMs in the area where you can withdraw money. Before this happens, it is worth paying attention to the commission charged.

Exchange money in Kraków? – It’s very simple!

Actually, right after arriving in Krakow, at the airport or at the train station, you will find plenty of places where you can change money immediately. The places for currency exchange in Poland are called „Kantor”.


No worries, you will find a name in English everywhere, and most of the people who work there speak English as well. However, it is worth considering where we exchange money. It is better to avoid crowded places such as airports or train stations. Additionally, if possible, at least one more person should accompany us during the exchange.

Why should you have some coins in your pocket?

As you already know, in Krakow you can pay by card or take money from an ATM if necessary. However, it is quite important to have Polish coins with you. Why? First, traveling by public transport. There are vending machines at each stop, on the tram or bus, where you can buy a ticket. Currently, most of them are pre-paid, but it’s good to have coins when needed. Shopping in a store or going to a pub – it often happens that the cashier or bartender has nothing to spend and a terminal breaks down.

polish zloty, currency poland

Exchanging money with strangers in a foreign country can be problematic. In addition, coins can be useful when you want to leave a tip for someone. Additionally, for example, when you go on a trip to the vicinity of Krakow, or even in the very center, it may happen that a visit to the toilet will be paid.

Travel to Krakow can be very easy. As you can see you don’t have to worry about being able to withdraw money from an ATM, pay by card or exchange currency. It only remains to enjoy the free time spent in such a beautiful city.